Friday, August 25, 2006

Some people have been asking me what on earth azureline means and why is it *ahem* fortunate enough to be on my blog url. Well, there are several ways in which I can explain this really cute and sophisticated sounding term (by the way, its pronounced as uzh-your-lin)(its pronounced this way because I pronounce it this way). Hmm.

Azure means blue. Blue has always brought me luck. Most of my clothes are blue or pink(yes, yes, very girly). The endless, elusive, intriguing skies are azure. The seas and oceans are azure. The picture hanging on the wall behind this PC is azure. Azureline somehow represents the horizons, the boundaryless edges, where the sun rises and sets, where the waters and ships go out of sight, all things elusive. All things that show that the world is round and what goes around, comes around- Karma basically, which I am a believer of.

Then again, Azureline starts with an ‘a’ and the second letter is ‘z’. ‘a’ is the first letter of the english alphabet and ‘z’ is the last. This denotes completion, completion of something, a full circle. Azureline has 9 letters. Numbers like 3, 9, 13 have been often associated with bad luck. Its quite the reverse for me. Infact, 13 is a very lucky number, all you non-believers! Go to the library and read Linda Goodman’s Love Signs p.17. You’ll gain some valuable insight into the way the number 13 works. 13 stands for wisdom and is very lucky when used for the right purpose.

So, this is azureline. There.


Dubara mat poochna!


sun4none said...

wohoooooo.. my birhday.. 13th aug!
wisdom! luck! u flatter me sweets! hehe.. ok.. serious shit.. you just talked something related to numnerology and well.. my mom's studied tht too (dunno if thts a part of astro 2 tht shez expert at)... ok so acco 2 her i'm associated with ths number 4.. and sure enuff.. wateva i do.. the number follows me... like my b'date's total's 4.. my roll number's alwyz been in 40's in high school.. and it used 2 be 31 and 22 (i.e total = 4 again)in primary school.. in coll it was 139 last yr (total 4 again) and 76 year before that (total is 4 again).. then my exam seat number's ALWAYS totalled 4.. and last time when it was not.. u all know wat had happend.. KT :( .. so yeah.. 4 is kinda special for me somehow! told ya man.. i just believe in ths stuff so much.. that i stay away from it.. really scares me man! :S

bhargav said...

i cant figure out the reason but you remind me of Arwen of the 'LOrd of the rings' trilogy

sneha said...

@sun- yep, astrology and numerology are very much related. it works really!! see, all the more reason for u to believe in it and study it!

@bhargav- owww!! (i don't really know the characters in LOTR cuz neither have i read the book nor have i seen the movies(donno why though)) however, my sis(mega LOTR fan) tells me nice things about arwen!! so me is super-pleased!

raghu said... is da clor of world cup champs..italy..hw cud u skip it?
the azzuri rox

sneha said...

@raghu- nooo!! iam SO not an italy fan!! they were the rogues who chucked my favs (germany) outta the WC!!! sheesh, that day lady luck was on their side... the germans soo didn't deserve to go!! *sob sob* btw, i hope chelsea is winning its matches!(i miss alllll the premiership matches)(er, btw, michael ballack plays for chelsea)*blush blush*

sun4none said...

haila sneha.. u a soccer fan! ur sis is one too? tell me she is! n wat bout rock? u guys rockers? tell me u r! thn toh am gonna hit on her full time :P.. if not hardcore rocker.. still does she like Floyd? lemme kno.. if yes.. thn toh u gotta gotta gotta introduce me 2 her haan sneha! :P

sneha said...

@sun- yep, me a football fan. n no, sowwiiee, but no. my dahling sis isn't as much of a fan. rock.. hmm.. we're not really into rock as of now.. never know what'll happen later. we just listen to some basic bands like linkin park, POD, the darkness, rasmus, evanescence, alien ant farm among others.. donno if they are really classified as 'rock' but they are pretty heavy on the ear drums. hmm.. linkin park is our fav though!

so now match-making on my blog too?!?! hahahh!!

sun4none said...

ok..alternative bands are cool enuff 4 me.. hehe.. now u introduce me to her asap :P

now to clear some misconceptions:
"donno if they are really classified as 'rock' but they are pretty heavy on the ear drums."
rock needn't be heavy on ear drums. if u've heard bands like floyd, led zep.. they are so so soothing.. rock is not about noise as commonly believed by masses who have no freakin idea why we are so driven by rock.. its about the attitude, its about the guitar-play, drums.. its really sad to see the weird reactions of ppl whn i ask them if they r into rock.. first thing thy say is.. "shee how can u bear it? its noise.. its loud.." and crap like that.. a natural "fuck u" or "sorry 4 u" comes out.. cz these guys jst dunno wat rock is about n thn thy hav ths preconceived notions that its pure freggin noise.. grr
the day the guitar kicks in.. u know u r into rock.. hehe.. sounds so stupid na.. but trust me.. its tht way 4 me.. the sweet sound of guitar really gets me diff kinda high.. its jst amazing! u jst tend to get lost in it!

bands like LP, POD, alien ant farm are listed under the genre alternative rock.. thy play this hybrid form of music... rap/rock.. theres less of guitar play involved.. tho i still love the bass play of POD.. its really terrific.. rasmus is somewhere between pop/rock n hard rock.. evanescene is gothic rock.. thy went commercial only 5 yrs back with "fallen".. its a very old band really who performed underground only.. i have so many singles of theirs which were out on net way before fallen was released.. but fallen was kinda their "best of" comilation.. amy lee had said that they were 8 best singles outta 60 singles that they'd performed till then.. so there!
the darkness is a hard rock band.. that genre is more related to guitar play n deep vocals.. havent heard much of that band but the 3/4 songs i've heard of them.. i just loved the guitar pieces.. really nice band!

so yeah.. u guys are pretty much into rock.. at least u've started out on becmong rock chicks.. hehe.. so welcome aboard :D

arey no soccer.. no worries.. we can make her one eh! :P so now bigger HIs go to ur sistaa

PS: please keep these coments hidden from her boy friend.. lest u read in the news tomorrow.. "A guy found dead at his PC while hitting on his friend's sister" :P

sneha said...

@sun- er.. jeez thanks.. it was very enlightening to say the least.. lol

sun4none said...

enlightening.. hehe.. no man.. get damn senti whn it comes 2 music.. and rock toh..
arey.. i cudnt stop talkin for 40 long mins one day whn someone posed me a simple question like, "so wats it about rock?" now u mite say, "40 mins is fine".. but then 40 mins at 4 am that too whn i'd been quiet all the while for 6 long hrs at tht party and suddenly my mouth just cudnt hold itself whn asked tht question! it was so weird.. everyne started lookin at me.. even 3 asleep ppl woke up 2 hear my speech.. then ths chick (my date there).. jst told me 2 shut the fuck up whn she whispered "dude! i think we all got it" :P

so yeah.. the above article was really a smaller explaination of wat i cud possibly write an entire book on.. so yeah i tried 2 control myself over here :P

Anonymous said...

lol sun4none cudnt agree less wid u.. dam the guitar kinda high is sumthing to experience.. jimmy page,slash,kirk hammett..i dun understand how those hiphop fuckas and rock critics don like em.. and ya sneha thx a lot.. i appreciate ur comment but i dont quite agree wid u..always up for a discussion..:D ..
thts my msn id.. add me weneva

sneha said...

@sid- well, umm.. i prefer more phased-out dicussions rather than chat-type ones because in IMing one hardly gets to finish and present a structured response before the other person has dashed off an impulsive reply. the essence is lost. i feel the discussion could take place in the 'comments' section of your blog!