The New OCD- Obssessive Compulsive Debating

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What is this nonsense? Coming, reading, deriving joy by reading this blog which reeks of awesomeness and not even reciprocating by commenting or at least letting BlogOwner know you were here? Hmm? Leach! BO loves being loved. It’s a fact of every Libran’s life. This blog was born partly to gather a devoted group of BO’s followers who would eventually help her in her fantastic plans of world domination. Commenting should be mandatory. The browser shouldn’t shut before one leaves a comment. Or your comp should crash or something if you dare to leave before leaving your thoughts behind. I have no issues with Anon comments, ok?! I’m not too cool for them. So please, ok? Don’t be a ghost on this blog.

Now, moving on to the substantive part of this post…

I have been debating obsessively. These days, I’m either debating, or thinking about debating or talking about debating. I’m a nocturnal debater, plus my debate buddies are also night people, so we debate after dinner. While I’m in class I think about debating. When it’s 6.00 pm, I start counting the hours before we start debating. I come back to the room and discuss the debate with Fish for two hours. Fish also debates. When I speak, I sound like I’m debating. When I’m consoling someone, I start off with “Ok, I have 3 points of rebuttal and 2 substantives. …” Ok, it’s not that extreme, but somewhat like that. When someone’s saying something I start thinking of points of rebuttal and mentally ask points of information.* Vague things have started making sense to me. I have started cracking debate jokes. For instance, a couple of us were chatting when Fish and I thought we should go back and resume working. So I said, “This house believes Sneha and Fish should go back” and started laughing. I have the natural urge to refer to people as ‘ladies and gentlemen’. I have an entire excellent quality notepad devoted for debate notes.# I have a debate pen. I have some specific lucky debate clothes. I have a debate hairstyle- pony with bangs towards the left. I have a sore throat because of excessive debating. Bam Bam says his throat is on the verge of getting sore and it is in such a condition when it sounds the best and debates like a maniac, which he does ordinarily as well. He seemed absolutely kicked about it and said he generally talks so much when his throat is such because he thinks he sounds absolutely hot this way, he eventually necessarily ruins his throat. Further, debating has started giving me a high even though I lose most of my matches. It’s like therapy. When I’m in class, I think about how I want to do nothing else but debate. Chill or debate. The only two things I feel like doing these days. What is wrong with me?!?!

*Well, this is also due to my Libran nature.

#Which other people constantly borrow sheets from. Hmph.


Tejal said...

i can totally understand..its probably that we love wat we do so much that it starts gettin to our heads :P from the past one year weneva i see sumthin nice my mind starts thinkin how it wud look on paper n stuff..quite wacky i tell u :P
btw, yeay i'm not a ghost on thy blog :)

Sneha said...

i know yaa tejal. you're one of the saints left on this blog. sigh.

indiegurl said...

this happens to me before moots ya...the sore temptation to begin every conversation with "May it please the honourable court", and, in a supremely sarky comment replace "For your kind information..." with "With all due respect, the obvious seems to be escaping the learned counsel for the opposition's eagle eye..."

Yeah, been there, done that. :-D
It's fun while it lasts.

When is this world domination thing happening, then?

Divya said...

Worst thing ever... going to the moot court and saying good afternoon to the honourable chair.. and also going fr a debate and saying may it please this honourable court.. and both have actually happened to me! :S

ah well ive been known to adress the mess-wala as your lordship after a particularly gruelling moot and also my friends as ladies and gentlemen after a brilliant debate... ah i love PD-ing :D

Sneha said...

@ divya and divya (:D i really wanted to do that)- soo true about the your lordship bit! i've ended up saying, 'one tea, your lordship' to the canteen guy! it's quite hilarious :D

Shreya said...

.... DUDE! Stop being like Mukhs! Really! I need to make Bando read this. :D

bernard n. shull said...

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another brick in the wall said...

haha.. dude u are funny

alrt "i was here" stamp has been posted.. can;t contribute to this topic in anyway further.. had i only taken law seriously S:

Abhu said...

U r dat obsessed with debating??? er.. okay, thankfully u had left that particular aspect of ur character in blore when u came here. I wudnt have wanted u to keep on debating with me over silly issues :P

yep. i do completely despise all those who read posts on one's blog, njoy themselves, get entertained, and donot even bother to leave a comment :P

Monika said...

ha ha ha interesting and i agree commenting should be mandatory :)

Anonymous said...

Hey BO .. so that's it !! Compulsive obsession ! well, that happens .. I understand, now that I m going through it .. feel like writing boring heavy stuff the entire day !! but, I am aghast ...what's this idea of sleeping off in class ..ha, ha . Guess, baby, who I am .. !!
Yes, commenting should be mandatory .. yup !!

Anonymous said...

hi Sneha,
So you don't mind anonymous comments? and just when I was wondering if I would be a leech(not leach) if I said nothing... So no more dilemma on this blog:)
[I knew all the talking/writing must be good for something... what do you become after you go to a law school (anything other than becoming a lawyer?) ]


Sneha said...

@ sojo- omg! i didn't know you were around. this is awesome! please please please resume your blog. your poetry (or whatever it was.. i'm terrible at gauging forms of literature) was the only kind i could relate to in some mysterious way. and yes, i need a spell check. badly *flushing red and crimson* oh don't ask me what we become after coming to law school. a LOT of things other than just a lawyer.

Sojourner said...

thanks mohananty ;)
I do have a new blog... just not sure what do with it... I will update once in a while though.

I too can't name what people write, though I know what I like...

I will continue to stick around here and shall diligently comment (if I do have anything to say :)

Sojourner said...

for the record,
in retrospect, that quip about ur last name in the last comment, does not sound all that funny :)... I just remembered it from an earlier post and this was probably the funniest spin :)
didn't mean anything by it.

Sneha said...

Ooh, i'd missed the last comment :) and well i've been called mohananty for two whole years- class 6 and 7 :) but have i mentioned my last name on this blog? in the recent past?! i thought i was semi-anonymous!

Sojourner said...

hmm... nope... may not be in the recent past.. I myself have not been blogging or reading new things... so I am fresh out of a freezer with frozen memories:)

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