Woes Of A Science(or Greek??) Student

Monday, December 19, 2005

She steps out of school(with V=IR and F=ma swirling in her head) only to be unkindly greeted by si, pi, phi, alpha, beta , gamma, delta and also theta who just doesn't seem to let go of her! She opens her chemistry book with some interest and she is bombarded with new(not sure of the spelling), meu, omega, lambda and another set of puzzling new symbols signifying a million different things in a million different chapters in three(luckily) different subjects.

She opens her physics book with some, well, it can't be called interest, rather apprehension(after the shocking experience with chemistry) only to find a larger and more tedious volume of formulae, theories( the proper as well as the rejected(hmp!) ones) and, once again, those teeny weeny things which she has started seeing everywhere(she is learning greek now, is this science or what!)- ki, tao, sigma.....

Now she opens her math book with an exorbitant amount of apprehension. She got what she expected-thetas, alphas and betas swimming all over, not to mention the very very meagre amount of formulae that she would have to get in her blood vessels in the next 2 years.
She hopes to have aced atleast the greek alphabet in 2 years' time, if not the formulae,the theories and the statements (and what not!) that she was actually supposed to ace.


Divya said...

Let me add more as you don't seem to be a bio student... She opens her bio book, thinking that she might be spared the 'greek and latin' of that annoying alphabet, only to discover that she has such things like alpha cells, beta cells, nay even delta cells in her pancreas! Each subdivided into god-knows-what type of further cells.... Even internally she is meant to drown in hard-to-pronounce, tongue twisting nonsense... Thank god it's over, huh?!

raghu said...

my teacher...who has sausage fingers...lol..n vel who manged 2 cut her hand off...which gav us a weeks break...i miss dat week..k incase ur confused..im frm rajhns vidyalaya..n i am doin science..but the point is dat fat dum nutcase called goel(who has sausage fingers) uses pradeep..n v call it bible..sux man it sux... cbse sux .. all u gotaa do is mug mug n mug.. y???
im pissed..oh btw i saw ur profile on orkut.. n u look cute
n cbse sux...n led zeppelin rox
man im gettin muddled
u mite like my blog...
plz comment...rjhns sux...done evr let ne join it nevr evr...but ver u studyin?

Vivek! said...

Good one..! Reminds me of the times when I had it tough with Biology and Maths...!

Bt u knw.. I must admit that those days were fun...! We used to nickname our crushes with names of bones! I had two - Tibia and Tibula!! ;)

sneha said...

vivek!- GOD!! we name people(well, crushes or people whom we 'talk' about.. hehe) after these greek symbols! hehe... read my most recent posts for 'more info'..!!

sun4none said...

ok div.. lets open the law book and lets start reading property law, intellectual ppty law, constitution.. they are all english terms.. have fun with those now :).. :P

oh yeah.. also open maxims.. they will be latin, frech, greek, german, ethiopian, alien.. everything but english! have lotta fun stuydin tht too (y) :P

Divya said...

Suk.. grrrr..:S
no fair:P