The day I lost it…. Completely!

Monday, June 19, 2006

This particular conversation took place through the (god bless them) msn messenger.

He: hey...u supportin GERMANY!!

Me: hey!!

Me: yep.. iam!

Me: howz u??

He: am england all da way...

Me: huh??!?!?!!

Me: cool

Me: how come??

He: wat r u upto nwdays...??

Me: me?? nothing really worth mentioning.. jus the ususal.. n how cum ur in ENGLAND?'

Me: ohk.. but the WC is in GERMANY

Me: so wat r u doin in england?

He: am suportin englnd in da wrld cup....PRINCESS

Me : *realisation dawns* OHHHH

Me: *feels like jumping into a well* IAM SOOOO STUPID

Me: seriously

Me: I JUST got it!

What a blooper! *blush blush*

Well. Something else also happened today which supports the Sneha-has-lost-it-today theory. I was talking to Abhu in front of her class. Psi had apparently gone somewhere *gloomy expression*. He seemed to appear out of nothing (actually he must have simply come up the stairs, the little detail which I missed) and was marching towards his (Abhu’s) class. In other words, he was marching towards us. I was caught totally off-guard and when that happens, I am very much comparable to a simpering(or loud, as it turned out to be in this case) idiot. I shouted on top of my voice “Look who is here!! Psi!”. Deadly blunder. And guess what happened right after that?? Abhu had to burst out laughing!! I was hoping to just evaporate. Hmm… Will have to think of some damage control now. Any suggestions??


athul said...

Cool Blog u got there Sneha
Gr8 job

checkout mine too

raghu said...

glooomy n gray ur blog color suits da wether... n vel evry1 gets lost sumtimes.. its k yaar.. tension math le. mast jine

nishu said...

don apologise to psi we capris don like bein said sorry to. take him by his hand an give him a good time in ur own way. like make him feel comfy and thins will b jus g888

sneha said...


my blog template is NOT gloomy!! n its SILVER (with a golden streak!).. probably ur feeling blue..perception!

erm, psi may not be a capri! actually i don't know his sunsign. Its Abhu who is a capri. n yep, i know how to handle 'em capris.. hehe..