Friday, July 21, 2006

Ya, I know I am pathetic. This is probably the closest I get to *serious* sketching. This is a product of my oh-so-over-flowing-creativity which oozes in copious amounts during boring lectures. Doodling is better than sleeping nah? So, this fine day I surprised Abhu with my skills with the brush (rather flair fortune pen, should I be paid for advertising? ) and had her in her usual "you-be-upto-such-inane-out-of-my-league-things-you-silly-girl"fit!!

Okay, these are some of the teachers at my tutorial. The first one was sketched in loving memory (especially for Abhu) of the very *famous* physical chemistry teacher who has now left the insti for reasons that God alone knows. Anyway, he always had an uncanny knack for being at the centre of all possible rumours, so, suits him good.

The second sketch is that of our pot-bellied physics teacher who is oh-so-rolly-polly-n-cute. The wayward curves here and there were made in an attempt to display this feature, in vain though. So this sketch obviously did not cut the mustard since it doesn't exactly showcase his cute chubbiness (is that even a word?).

Hmm. This part has been censored (am I following the footsteps of our doomed govt. or what?) by the blogowner in the best interest of her health and well-being. She suddenly got a feeling that all her teeth may be knocked off in the near future which is why these drastic steps are being taken. Thank you for your cooperation. New readers may kindly ignore this paragraph.

The fourth one is pretty straight. Its our math teacher. The one who threatens (lovingly of course, but not always!) to chuck us out of the window if we can't vomit out the formulae for the perpendicular-distance-of-a-point-from-a-line and such in less than a picosecond.

So. This work of *art* has indeed given me a lot of "personal satisfaction". May many more similar dull classes be spent in such "constructive" activities.

Oh! I almost forgot! When I showed Abhu these pearls of mine, she absolutely refused to accept that 1 looks like that *certain* teacher of ours! In fact, she started scribbling weird "thetas" in my notebook. I retorted by unleashing another of my masterpieces - Abhu herself!!

Statutory Warning- Before you have a look at this picture, please keep a glass of water by your side.
P.s.To Abhu- Revenge of the betrayed!! haha!! :P


Ms.Tejal i-luvd-ur-blog said...

A masterpiece indeed!! well!!!!!!! dats da most amazin piece on art dat i hav seen in a long tym!!!!!!
hehe.. 1 n 3 r absolute replicas of da ppl whom dear snehudi has tried to portray..hehe.. thouh 2 n 3 r a littl off da track but wat da hell?? hu xpects 2 c a picasso neway!!!
da best is abhu 's pic wich is absolutellllyyyyyyyyyy fantastic!!!
gawd.. sneha.. evr thougt of takin up C.A as a career??? (C.A. refers 2 Cartoon Art by da way!!hehe..)

sneha said...

@tejal- haha!! abhu is cute nah?? it was drawn in IT class!! my personal fav are 1 and 3 though ;) i think we should publish some of the fine works which neatly reside in the hallowed pages of ur chem thermo copy!! wat say??

sunshine said...

doodles!!! the ultimate passtime... how else do we endure boring lectures?

abhilasha(abhudi!!) said...

YEAH RIGHT!! thankz snehudi for so very wonderfully portrayn me .... and an equally big thankz to tejudi for supportn u!! huh!! i knew u guys luvd to conspire against me.. u know wat?? i thnk u n tejudi shud combinly start a blog n fill it up with all shit!! and... that was NOT gamma!!!!!!! i know much bettr dan u okay!! and... i knew u had smthn for 3. howmuch evr u try u to deny... and... anothr thn... u need to edit smthn. u forgot to add dat it was ME who told u bout 3 dat made u change ur stupid mind. gaud sneha. u need a propr sychic treatment. watsay tejudi?? i know u wont agree with me.

sneha said...

@sunshine- tell me about it!

@abhu- C H I L L !!!
hahahah i knew u'd freak out!!read the ps?? *evil laugh*
er.. actually, teju n i were planning to publish our "other works" (remember tapic) as well!! lol.. n about 3, PUHLEEZZ (make that bold, red and size 100)!! and, yes yes yes, it was U who told me the stuff..!! i acknowledge it!! but its not like it 'changed my mind' or anything of that sort! was simply a lil softer on the fellah!
kisses to u!!

jshishir1 said...

so we have rembrant in the making...not bad atall i used to love painting and sketching back in school ..infact my register hardly had any words just few sketches u too r making a grt use of IT class...and thanks for ur comments infact that was quick i just finished and got a comment u tc and do keep sketching and sometimes bit of studies..hahaha

sneha said...

@shishir- iam very prompt you see! n there are a lot of "other things" that we do in IT class as well!

harshad said...

No re...u aint bad at all...atleast not bad as me :p

and no, i wasnt yawning :D

sneha said...

@harshad- gee, thanks!

sun4none said...

haha.. very original.. nice!

Poo said...

well u draw way better than i do! i restrict my artistic endeveours to stick figures and lets face ti they dont look good!

sneha said...

@sun4none- thank u thank u!! yes, original they are. (no one else would have the patience or the motivation to draw their portraits!!) lol

@poo-i recently(after this post) graduated from stick figures(with 4 strands of poker straight hair) to these!! i wonder, wat next?? :D

raghu said...