On How I Found The Next-to-Perfect Template

Monday, May 14, 2007

New template. As you’ve noticed by now. Pretty, innit? Classy, innit? Smooth, innit? [Insert absolutely-stunning-type adjective], innit? And oh, did you scroll way down and have a peek at the ‘Credits’ section? If not, then please do, for I have revealed some exciting facts in that very section.

….Okay, so you’re back?

Oh now! Thank you, thank you. Oh, please, stop! I’ve been humbled. *waves around like a movie star* [Take the hint! Carry on, I say!]

After a long and rather *ahem* torturous journey, I have finally tweaked this template quite a bit to my 90%-satisfaction mark and mind you, that is quite a high mark. So till I find (or make, or ask someone else to make) that absolutely gorgeous, stunning, very-like-me template on seeing which I’d gush—“That’s THE one”, you know, when you find that top while casually looking at clothes in some random shop and you must totally have it right then, or that pair of jeans which fits you so perfectly that you never want to take them off (urgh, this reminds me of those dreadful ‘Killer Jeans’ ads). So, you get it right? Till I’m struck with that time-just-stops type feeling, I’ll be happy, very happy, with this template.

Let’s have a poll, then. Just for fun, since I’m so not changing this one.

(Obviously, one of the votes for the first option has been cast by me.)


Asha said...

Not good enough for a vibrant Teenager like you!!

Sneha said...

Noo!!!!!! I thought it WAS vibrant- pink and blue, they're like MY colours! heehee anyway, yea, it does lack pictures and all which i'll be soon adding :D

Tejal said...

Its definitely nice.. i really lik da Colour scheme n all.. but its a lil dull.. if u add pitures lik u said..then i'm sure it'll b PERFECT..
yay! Sneha! finally template blues over.. treat i say! TREAT!!!!

raghu said...

yay! near perfect! :)

another brick in the wall said...

still feel the very first one was the best fit.. sorry :S

Sneha said...

@ tejal- cmon! it's not DULL. it may look a little, 'empty' perhaps. but it looks clean, spacy, uncluttered and no-nonsense type na!

@raghu- yeay!! i lowwwweeeeeee you!!!

@suk- you love v4ny!!

another brick in the wall said...

hahahahaha! therez an option like "change ur vote".. hehehe.. too funny :)

Sneha said...

yea. SO?? it offers my voters more choice, thank you very much.

ScRiBbLeR said...

I think this template is pretty cool :)
Your have put a lot of effort in it congrats !!!!
I liked the pink ribbon at the end of each post !!