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Monday, August 25, 2008

Right. So it’s been long. I’ve been doing a lot of things, but no, I don’t intend to ignore this blog. Not at all. I have been writing. It’s just that I don’t think I’d want to publish that :) I think I should probably spend time reflecting on why this blog was started in the first place and trace (un-boringly, I promise!) its journey. Well, it was started when BO wanted to tell someone about something but didn’t want to do anything specific in that regard. So she started blogging! She was more or less anonymous that time and nobody really read it. BO led a double life for about a year or more. By then she had ‘blog friends’ who later became friends. She also happened to bump into a person she technically knew, but didn’t really know through blogosphere who she loves talking to. BO would then write about funny things that happened to creatures like Abhu, TC, the weird sisters and suchlike. BO misses car trips to BJB Jr College and stuffing herself with 2 half plates of BJB chaat and then proceeding to Vinay and stuffing herself more. With Abhu, of course. Those were fun times! And, Monkey! Jeez, Monkey and his escapades. Abhu, TC and BO led wildly interesting lives back then. BO even had a stalker (ok, this is the scary part) back then at her tutorial. Quite a freak! And ‘counselling’ with Monkey during rainy afternoons when Monkey would confide in Abhu and BO about all this astrological shortcomings and frustrations in life :) Those were fun times.

Anyhow. Moving on. Then BO came to law school. She ignored this blog for almost a year. But then again, she came right back in full vigour! Now she’s been reduced to publishing stories on the loons here. But she’s scared of divulging too many stories about them because of the lack of anonymity and the possibility if this turning into a ‘goss blog’. So. BO can’t talk about funny stories about her loons. And she can’t possibly keep writing about herself. So what DOES she write about? She writes about what to write about. Like this post. Smart, innit? Anything to keep the ball rolling, bay-beh.

One fun snippet. BO has been taken over by the dark side- i.e. SPW and Smimp. And Fish, for that matter. They are in LOVE with that immensely shady-sexist-senseless-idiotic-nonsensical-crappy song called ‘Ey Hip Hopper’. BO hated it for the longest time ever, however, about 3 days back, she found herself humming the tune. It was earth shattering. Really. BO has no faith in herself now :)

BO also calls for applications from people who wouldn’t mind giving BO guitar lessons. Thank you very much.

Also, is BO funny? Hmm?


another brick in the wall said...

have we got the guitar yet?

Divya said...

I have I have :D

raghu said...

She also happened to bump into a person she technically knew, but didn’t really know through blogosphere who she loves talking to

chinoy told u not to mention his name?

Michelle said...

law school! nice! welcome back! whether the ball rolls or not, u are funny :)

megha said...
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megha said...

sorry for being a pedant but its "aye" not "ey" hiphopper :P
considering ur part of the aye hiphopper fanclub it is imperative u get the basics right!

Sneha said...

@suk- nope. i'm broke!

@ divya- what? :D

@ raghu- haha, no. it's a lame attempt on my part to maintain anonymity of people who star on this blog :D

@ michele- hellos! longish time! and yes, funniness is what keeps me going, i say.

@ megsi woogsi woogsi- touche :)