And she comes. Again.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Since this is the only place where I can talk and nobody interrupts me, I shall indulge in a little gloating. But well, even though I know it would be absolutely delightful for you to read volumes on how awesome I am, I shall act pricey and not write one long epic on it. You ought to wait for it and it comes… bit by bit :) (that almost rhymed!)(I should like totally become a poet. See?! I’m so multitalented (1) )

So anyway, things have been up. Exactly what, cannot be divulged on a public forum (sidenote: and this is where people start paying attention to this post for hidden messages. *grins*). The point is that poor old BO’s life is no longer as dull as it used to be. Well, she can always say (like Anne did *sigh*) she lived it all out in her imagination, but it’s more than imagination. That reminds me, BO has been watching a LOT of Anne. Remember? That miniseries on Hallmark? Anne of Green Gables, The Sequel, The Continuing Story? Road to Avonlea on Kermit where Gus Pike, Felicity’s beau (gosh, I love that word. It’s so… elegant! Much classier than ‘boyfriend’. Yurgh.) goes away and meets with a tragedy but they’re reunited again when they just die of all that lowe? Well, nevermind. You MUST watch these on youtube or some such place. Absolutely worth it. It’s based in Prince Edward Island in Canada.OR, you could read the books! Easy peasy.

So when BO and the fam were out holidaying in Italy (yea bay-beh. Envy me.) (2) S and BO met two sisters who were taking a trip together. One was 59 and from Ohio and the other, 8 years younger (the ‘baby’ as described by the older one. really cute.) from Florida. They decided to go on a holiday with each other and spend some quality time. So, over dinner in Innsbruck (oh, there’s more, I promise) (3) they told S (the sis-tah, remember? The coolest of them all) and BO that someday, we’d also go on such a trip. BO and S looked at each other and just knew where they’d go together. *sigh*. Of COURSE. Prince Edward Island!

Visit this link for more information, now would you?

Prince Edward Island, Anne, her imagination and world, her strength and ideas, Gil, her bosom friend and kindred spirit Diana, Mathew and Marilla and even the annoying Rachel (AND Josie for that matter, but we would rather focus on the bright side, that you very much) are so very inspiring. I have never been touched to this extent by any work of fiction. *sigh*. BO’s all emotional now! BO and S are head over heels in love with the series and the feelings it inspires in them. Oh, and the soundtrack. Gorgeous. Never has any other piece of music uplifted my spirits to this extent. *sigh*. So. If you want to feel such immense joy, inspiration and the will to imagine your way through everything good and bad to make some extra magic happen, watch/read (I suggest watch! Because of the visual pleasure that the setting brings. It's warm, fragrant and delicious) Anne :)

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

I was halfway through the post and this close to saying something relevant to the content. But my mouse casually wandered to the last entry on the list to my right, and as it hovered there, I could sense a strong aversion for Virgos..! I'm compelled to ask why the Jewish treatment?

Sneha said...

VeRtIGO, i have nothing against virgos :) yes, they can be quite stubborn, annoying, rigid, absolutely non-flattering and extremely critical, but it's ok! i have truckloads of friends who're virgos and some i ACTUALLY (surprise, surprise!) like! worry not, BO still approves of thee. :) Peace!

Divya said...

Never seen the series, but the books are sheer heaven...