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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1. I was in Dhaka for a week a few days ago where my passport and camera (and Fish's wallet with a lot of money and all her cards) got stolen. HOWEVER I came back to India nice and safe thanks to awesome contact that Fish had at the Indian Embassy there who were uber sweet to us. We were there for a debate, Asians Universities Debating Championship. The organizers were really nice to us and gave us free transport and even sent a competent person along with us wherever we went (local language would've been a problem otherwise). Any way, when I reached

2. As a result of this passport thing and the hassles that ensued, I couldn't shop much at this really cool sarojini-type place from where everybody else bought like 10 tops each. However, Fish shopped for me and got me one really cute top and one bangladesh tshirt so I'm not sad :) PLUS I got to come back unscathed, so that's a positive (hee).

3. Fish, Purple, Another Person and I did go souvenir shopping on the last day however. Was fun.

4. I notice how everything ultimately boiled down to shopping and I mustn't be so unidimensional, SO let me also tell you that the debate was reasonably fun. Too many Indians all over the place though.

5. Post AUDC, when we got back to law school, we did this dance thing for EMD. Danced to bollywood songs :) much fun. Won.

6. I think my planets are awesomely positioned right now because my last two meals (dinner last night and lunch today) (both of which were at a nice place) were not paid for by me.

7. I had parted with my laptop for a greater cause for a whole period of 3.5 days. Now I'm back with it. Yeay! Life without a laptop was strange.


raghu said...

too many indians at AUDC? too many indians in asia. chinese are not so interested now, are they?

Tejal said...