Yes. It's true. I'm officially confirming the rumour, people!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Keeping the interest of the bored, the lazy and all those who seek salvage from this unreal real world* with a bit of humour from someone else’s life (because it’s always easier to laugh at another’s life) in mind, BlogOwner (BO) has decided to revive, no, resurrect (the more powerful the expression, the better) this blog. Well, this blog has been a place where I laugh at events, rather, little things that were so mundane that they could only be laughed off, which weren’t necessarily funny but were made to entertain myself after it happened to me. As a person at work had remarked at my and a certain Aquarian’s (henceforth known as Mother G) laughing at the most tense of times during a particular exercise… “It’s nice to see how you can find humour in everything.”

And yes, I write utter rubbish.

* I’ve always felt my imaginary world is a lot more real than the real world. I’m often caught talking to myself, when I’m really not talking to myself but only doing something in my imaginary world, I get quite dazed about what is real and what was only my imagination.


Asha said...

Hey girl, how are you? Long time no see!:)
Hope you are enjoying graduate school.

another brick in the wall said...

finally finally finally finally! my prayers have been answered :P

vatsala said...

lol totally get the whole imagination bit. it's quite a thing with me. there's ALWAYS a parallel story/thought going on in my head. I'm always dreaming! sometimes i wish i could just STOP!we talked about this na?