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Monday, June 16, 2008

After a long drawn conversation with S (the sis-tah, remember?) which basically revolved around BlogOwner’s happiness (yes, she’s slightly self-obsessed) it has been decided that the mandate of this blog shall be upheld and it will be used as a place to make fun of all the serious things that happen to BlogOwner as she goes about doing her thing. Some news that you, as an inquisitive reader, might want to updated on:

1. BlogOwner has resumed her pilates sessions. Now, now, for the uninitiated, Pilates is NOT some sort of a coffee blend and it’s NOT pronounced as pie-lates. It’s pi (as in timid)-lah-tays. Thank you very much. It is a form of exercise which is usually practised by ballet dancers and suchlike who need strength in their core, need to be able to balance while performing and need long, lean muscles. Well, heh, BO is neither a ballet dancer nor does she have long, lean muscles *sigh* however, she will practise pilates till she gets them. Do not snigger the way S does! I shall pursue this cause with passion. Thank you very much.

2. She’s been watching movies obsessively. The ones that she’s seen of late are-

1. The Mistress of Spices- It was quite terrible, to put it in mild terms. BO loved the sarees Ash wore, though. They were simple and beautiful- quite like Mrs. Gandhi’s. BO loves her sarees as well. Don’t you think they’re gorgeous? BO would kill to get those sarees.

2. The Graduate- Awesomeness oozing from every frame.

3. Four Weddings and a Funeral- Bleh. Not funny.

4. Rounders- Very interesting movie. BO got all excited about it after streaming and watching it at some 4 in the morning. So she wikied Texas Hold ‘Em and is now all inspired to become a poker champion. Must watch! In fact, BO watched it after it was highly recommended by someone.

5. Little Miss Sunshine- BO fails to understand why it inspires the oh-my-god-this-is-so-cute feeling. It certainly did not succeed in making BO, who happens to be a soft-hearted, harmless type creature who cries at the end of Meg Ryan movies, feel that way. Quite a disappointment. She did like Twain’s character though.

6. Love Story- Really, really, really….. (to infinity) nice. Much better than the book, in BO’s humble opinion.

7. The Pianist- Good movie. Mild, yet leaves an impact.

8. The Devil Wears Prada- Good chick flick. Really entertaining. S recently told BO that she (i.e. BO) looks thin and BO reacted just the way Emily did. BO likes Emily!

9. Night at the Museum- Funny. Loved the “Hey octavus/octopus/whatever.” “It’s Octavius.” bit! Octavius was obviously BO’s favourite!

10. Before Sunrise- Too good. Perfect BO flick. She totally related to Celine and agreed with almost everything she said in the movie.

11. Before Sunset- The sequel to #10. Wonderful. BO is now suppressing the extremely strong urge to discuss it here so that it doesn’t spoil the movies for you. Absolutely BO type flicks, these two, I tell you!

12. Half of Across the Universe + Half of Thank You for Smoking- Yes, they do not make one whole movie, but still. BO loved both of them till they went off and made her sad. Now she shall stream them online and finish watching them.

13. First 15 minutes of Trainspotting- Absolutely gross. Couldn’t get past 15 minutes. Why subject self to such unpleasantness?

14. Father of the Bride- For the nth time. Good fun and really funny. BO loves Steve Martin.

15. When Harry Met Sally- For the mth time. Love love love. However, BO’s favourite Meg Ryan movie is Sleepless in Seattle.

Well, BO might have seen another movie or two which she cannot remember now. Yes, it’s become quite an obsession especially when one considers the fact that BO had never been a movie-person. She can’t sit through movies. She gets restless and keeps looking at her watch. That still happens though. She keeps checking how much of the movie is left.

Fish has been pestering poor BO to ‘watch a movie with her’. There are certain logistical constraints which Fish refuses to acknowledge. For instance, one can plug only ONE pair of earphones at a time. How are 2 pairs of ears supposed to share that? Further, BO likes watching movies alone. Peacefully. Also, Fish loves those scary thriller morbid terrifying screech-scream-inducing movies. On the other hand, BO loves anything that’s NOT that. Not that she doesn’t like thrillers and suchlike, but she simply prefers happy and/or interesting ones, not necessarily romcoms. BO is NOT a sucker for only romcoms. Thank you very much. So Fish, dearie, BO must break your heart. We can always go shopping together, right?

3. BO wants to listen to some good, fresh music. Please suggest your all-time-favourite type music.

4. BO loves Simon and Garfunkel.

5. BO loves blogging! Well, this isn’t news, but BO simply wanted to state this.

Until next time, most intelligent reader (since you chose to read this), may all be well with you!


another brick in the wall said...

1. welcome
2. i was about to post haha when i read something against trainspotting which turned that smile into a frown and then i nearly "killed" my monitor in wild rage... read the book if your sensitive eyes cannot take the movie :P :P
3. watch trainspotting.. i am an intolerant indian remember.. i cannot tolerate ur dislike towards the incredible work of irvine welsh :P
4. the calmness resumed after i read BO is still listening to bands like simon and garfunkel.. so here.. try alice in chains.. it is what i recommend to everyone these days who are still to hear them.. i shall mail you their songs like old times if intereted
5. my wise-experienced eyes "sense" something "fishy" here :P
6. do send me the videos of ur pilates performance.. won't i just love to watch it :P
7. keep up with blogging or i'll make u watch trainspotting ten million times in a row.. pausing and repeating the part where he puts his head in the loo :P

another brick in the wall said...

and kindly give pearl jam one more try

Shreya said...

I have been ordered to comment tellin g the world how similar me and snehmo are.... for instance, I also completely identify with Celine and am too restless normally to sit through a movie. :)

Vatty, don't worry.... even though I also am s*** scared of watching thriller type movies....
I shall watch it with you... even my laptop has too earphone jacks.... we shall ditch snehmo... don't worry.... :-*

Divya said...

Mistress of spices- god help us all
4 weddings and a funeral Double bleh. Why do ppl rave about it?
Lil Miss sunshine- no comments
Love story- dunno y ppl love the book really...
When Harry met sally- Oh.. sigh.....

:D similar taste in movies huh :P

raghu said...

no no trainspotin dont have no sad ending.. its quiet funny and i lorrrve than accent!
haan sunrise sunset maha good.. ud like broken flowers also.. bill murray movie.. like lost in translation.. awwsooomzzzome movies

like how he eats that bread in pianist.. nice movie.. but not a great movie :)

waise trainspotting is like that head in the loo scene only.. he puts his head in the loo and then his whole body and then enters this damn beaaaauutiful blue waters and then gets that pill he wants.. the movie is just like that.. put ur head in the shit and ull get what u want :D

Sneha said...

@ suk- i cannot bear watching trainspotting. it might be a great movie with a profound message etc. but i'm just not built to take it. it's my incapicity! the only pearl jam song i like is 'last kiss' :D

@ shraa- that's why you're my mommy! and ahem, you may very well watch movies with her. chandigarh and i will watch lowe movies :P

@ divya- yea! but i'm not much of a movie person. this is very unusual for me- watching this many movies in a week!

@raghu- haha, i like that. as in, the way you put it. it shocked my senses though :)

Shreya said...

ME TOO! I don't like scary movies.... ME watch lowe movies.... :( Anywayz.... your laptop doesn't have two earphone jacks.... LOSAH!

another brick in the wall said...

god sneha.. the one song u like of PJ is not even their original.. it's a cover version of some dead band

alrt a difficulty: i get LOL, LMAO, LOFL and all the variations.. but wtf is LOSAH!! it sounds like a chinese bad word :P

Shreya said...

Ummm.... no! It is like a cooler version of Loser... See.... LOSER = LOSAH!

another brick in the wall said...

yeah.. someone explained me

the language u kids use these days! man i'm growing old :P

Sneha said...

shraa, like mother, like daughter :D

@ sukrit- yea? it's not their original? see, it wasn't meant to be.

another brick in the wall said...

warning: anything said against pearl jam will be taken personally

raghu said...

arrey trainspottin has no profound message n all.. dope n watch itll be fun, but then alls fun when u dope na?

well trainspottin is more fun :P

Lin said...

Dude, U got some RETARDED tase!