Mood Indicators

Saturday, February 07, 2009

1. Us and Them (or anything on The Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd)- Content, bored, want to get high on something, but since Jimi Hendrix said music is the safe kind of high, self chose music.

2. Quad party type music (basically club music, or really “shady” music which one must be ashamed of listening to Eg. Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Britney, Bebot and Promiscuous Girl type songs)- Stressed. Need to relieve all the tension with some mindless music. Head would simply explode if subjected self to Floyd or suchlike when stressed. Imagine listening to Time when you’re stressing over having wasted the past 2 hours zoning out and being totally unproductive! Need some mindless whee-whaa-wham-jam type music at such a point.

3. Pussycat Dolls- VERY stressed. VERY. If watching the video on youtube then even more stressed than “VERY stressed”. This is exam time, project submission time music.

4. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield- Love the world and want to live life properly and reminding self that must do that. This is generally followed by manic list making.

5. Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai (Remix)- In love with something/someone/someidea/somesuch.

6. Cry by Faith Hill (or Going Under by Evanescence, though nothing beats Cry for me :))- Time for revenge. Plotting, basically. And very very angsty.

7. Anne of Green Gables OST- Very very very pleased or want to be very very very pleased.

8. Enigma- Working seriously, but there’s too much distraction, so I need to put earphones and music on, but I get distracted with songs which have words, especially words I know (which is most of the songs I like) so must listen to instrumental music.

9. Beatles- Happy :)

10. A.R. Rehman- Want to concentrate on the music and feeling okayish but want to be cheered up.

11. Sultans of Swing+Lady Writer+Romeo and Juliet+Tunnel of Love- Something exciting is going to happen after 30 minutes, but I can’t wait. I’m very, very restless so must spend that much time some way and try to keep my mind off said exciting thing. Listen to these 4 in a row :)

12. Led Zep- At peace. Not restless. So can happily listen to and fully appreciate 10 minute long songs.

13. Euphoria- Full joy is coming. Obviously.

14. Standing Still by Jewel or Love Will Come Through by Travis- Frustrated (but I so so so so so so so totally love Standing Still. It’s been one of my all time favourites since like 5.5 years.)

15. Hands by Jewel- Must not quit. Must persevere!

“If I could tell the world just one thing, it would be that we’re all okay” :)

16. Murder on the Dance Floor by Sophie Ellis Bextor- Need inspiration (don’t ask me why).

17. Rest unclassified- Nice mood. Peace ho!

Also, songs keep getting added to/taken off this list obviously. It’s rather fluid.


another brick in the wall said...

somehow music is dying for me... it's the worst feeling EVER!

Vatsala said...

I love entry 16 and the stuff in parenthesis :D

Vatsala said...

And nice reference this post shall be for future :D so everytime I'm confused about what mo is thinking, refer to blog :D

rossoneri said...

anne of green gables!!!

Sneha said...

@ suk- mustn't let the music fade away, child!
listen to some PCD to lighten yourself up. hee hee hee hee

@ Vat- dude man.

@ rossoneri- why, hello there!
FINALLY! new person on blog. i thought this blog was DYING of stagnation.
also, what does that reaction mean exactly? :)

another brick in the wall said...

i'll drool over them... don't have the "courage" to listen to them.. sorry.. i am not that brave :P