Sunday, February 01, 2009

This post is about a Sag friend of mine (read: delightful little creature. Not little really. Rather tall and wiry) (Do not kill me, said person) who has been mentioned in passing and only in passing on this blog so far. It is ridiculous that he has not been written about at length, primarily because of the character that he is. Must not deprive blog of such great fodder, therefore this post. ALSO, must formally introduce blog to said character. First thing, what must character be called? I say Character. I have several vewy interesting names for Character, but I have been strictly forbidden from using them in public :( Censored! BO has been asked to censor said names. SO. Character is a Sag, so obviously BO hearts said character. Character ALSO happens to be a number 6 which is a great thing, in BO's considered opinion. Also, it's funny because BO knows Character through this blog. They were introduced through this blog so blog must be thanked. Further, Character has several eccentricities, like most characters.

So anyway, one funny thing about Character. In the recent past, he was madly in love with Deepika Padukone. And thought she would want to want him. And that she was gettable. So he'd try every way possible to get to know her. For instance, this once, while catching up with old friends, Character got damn kicked to learn that P's driver was also Deepika's driver. Much joy came. But soon subsided.

Ok I can't do this! It's really difficult to write funny things about Character. It JUST doesn't sound as funny as it really is. I'm failing at this. Not a good thing. SO, instead of trying to make fun of Character, I will write nice things about Character.

a) Taught me how to like proper music, i.e. NOT Britney Spears (which is now purely for stress-relief)(I love crazy quad-party music like The Way I Are and Bebot etc.). So now I like proper un-embarrassing music.

b) BO also gave fabulous names to Character but cannot reveal on public forum. Argh. Most entertaining I tell you.

c) Is Sag, so obviously BO must adore. I have started noticing patterns in my life. It is getting increasingly difficult to think of anybody in a positive way these days. BO has tried to sit down and shortlist some signs which she likes and she found major flaws in everyone. Not a good thing. But thankfully, Sags have fewer serious flaws. OBVIOUSLY librans are flawless, almost.

d) Character likes physics much much and BO feels slightly intellectually challenged in that regard, but yours truly makes up for it in much knowledge and expertise in other fields, thank you very much.

e) Character falls "in love with" (which BO suspects is only mere infatuation, the sort a 14 year old would probably feel) random people all the time. Many people, at the same time. And rings up BO for advice and the like. Obviously BO gives excellent advice. So Character thinks BO must write for a newspaper/magazine... "Ask BO".

f) Character can read 1000 page ebooks in one day.

g) Character once made fun of BO when she asked him how he stays up so long. Character said he clips his eyes with drying line clips. BO actually believed statement for a moment. Then realised stupidity and laughed at C (Character is too long.).

So there is C for you, mighty old readers. NOT the kind of post that this was supposed to be. Sounds more like a Facebook testimonial or something, but still. At LEAST C is now on the blog. BO was most upset to learn that C HADN'T been written about. How strange, considering what humour and entertainment he brings to BO. Most of all, all Sags must be written about- S's (is that right? Or is it S'?? I don't much care.) command.


raghu said...

at last.. seriously very late :P

Sneha said...

i know!
but this post sucks. and we all agree on that.

Saltwater Blues said...

hey sneha! long time. good to see you again.