Exam Time Break Post I

Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's almost midnight. I have an exam tomorrow. I'm sleepy. This post is so pointless. But I just wanted to say hi :)
I can't wait to go home. I'll get to meet mom dad AND sister under the same roof at the same time! Plus, good food. Mmmm. HOWEVER, I should also find something to do during hols. Bhubaneswar is not the best place for a legal placement (and I REFUSE to 'work' with NGOs) and I also want a break, but since I'm not even going to be touring, I'll get highly bored if I have nothing concrete to take up my time.
Ok this is getting too long (relatively). Need to study. Actually, don't need to study anymore given I've been reading the same articles and their summaries since yesterday (like the 70 others in my class), but I should study more.... because there's still time until exam. This is an exam on jurisprudence by the way. I quite like the subject! Ok nuff said.
Later gators!