It's That Time of The Year...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

...when the blog gets a new look. It's high time I revived this blog from the useless existence it had been enduring and do something with it.

First things first.

A new template must be picked. I quite like this one. It's clean, pretty and pink... but not so much that it gets to you. Seems perfect. A little crowded perhaps? Perhaps.

This blog needs fresh direction. It needs a purpose. And it need readers. I shall go out there and fetch all of this. You wait.

I wish I could re-do the labels. They're too specific and there are too many of them. Any help? I wouldn't mind patiently re-labelling all 120 odd posts of mine.


Sojourner said...

I would do the following:

-- mass relabeling:
in your dash board change the 'posts per page' to 300 (that looks like the max)... here you can either add new labels in addition to existing labels or remove them using the 'Labels actions'... why would you want to add more labels? that's next..

-- instead of showing the prebuilt all labels, you can have a list of links that correspond to labels of your choice.

like 'abhu' will be [just right click on the labels of interest in your blog page and copy the links]

all the best.

HA said...

Same pinch with the labels problem. I want to re-label all my posts too. Did the same mistake of making them too specific. But don't really have the patience and most importantly time. Hopefully will try to get a free afternoon only for organising my labels!

Good luck with giving the blog a makeover! :-)

P.S. Shall link you on my blog roll. Hope to read more posts from you :-)

Rachana Shakyawar said...

Hi gurl!
Its indeed very recently i have been following your blog and found not only interesting but also informative.

I like your last template, yet this template is simple perfect! I luved it!

Problem with lables..i really can't solve it but try suggesting U to have a loo to my blog page lables which is under the [+/-]Hide/show format. This format makes the lables hide under the title and show only when one chicks on.
If u find it intersting, i shall mail u the code of the format!
All the best..

BLOG: Humming Today

Sojourner said...

forgot to tell you... for selecting multiple items in the list of posts, while clicking on the check box, you may want to use shift+click (selects everything upto that point)

raghu said...

oh u see i have tabs on top for lables..but the thing is i have millions of labels but somehow managed to fig. out how to show only 5 of em.. thats what i think you need.. but well besta luck.

but erm your template makes me feel like im reading a tabloid :(

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