Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Clearly BlogOwner is not the most regular blogger on blogosphere. But she wants to be!

So intelligent and innovative reader, tell me, should I go weekly? That is, post every, say, Sunday? But will that be sufficient? What if something really exciting happens on Monday and I must talk about it, then must I wait an entire WEEK to be able to post on my own blog?
On the brighter side, a weekly blog will make it a routine. I might look forward to publishing every Sunday and won't feel guilty the rest of the week for not posting. But then again, what if I allow myself to post a "Quick-Non-Sunday Post" on a non-Sunday so that I can prove to myself that I can post whenever I want because it's my blog for goddake. Is that a good enough solution? What if then most of my posts become such "quick" posts? It's almost like cheating on Sunday.

What about a bi-weekly? Say, Sunday and Wednesday? If something really exciting happens on Monday, then I possibly can wait 2 extra days to publish it. But what if I forget about it? As in, the essence of blogging on a personal blog is in reporting events fresh from your life (or other people's lives for that matter). Also, what if I have an opinion on something (event X) that is happening in the world. Say X happened on Monday. I may come across as a tubelight commenting on it on Wednesday. Actually, I won't. Because everyone knows it's a bi-weekly blog, so it's not like I didn't know about X, it's just that you gotta wait to read it. That sounds good :)

But EIGHT posts a month.... I don't like 8. Let's make it 9. End of Month Post would be like a quick extra. A round up of sorts.

But what if I want to post everyday? Or every night, for that matter. A sort of roundup of the day's events? But is my life that eventful? Heh, actually it is. It's just that most of it isn't bloggable. May be I could find more bloggable things and blog everyday?

For now, I like the bi-weekly and a-post-a-day ideas the most.