Things I'm Looking Forward to Most

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

When I return, I get to:

1. Shift to new room.
2. Therefore, declutter, arrange everything in a new way, add new things, throw out (yes, this time, I promise to throw out old stuff that I don't need anymore but keep hoarding thinking "what if I need it some day...?"), use all my new bedsheets and pillow cases (esctatic) and do up my wardrobe again.
3. Meet and catch up with Purple, Fish, Woogs, Aats and everyone else. So much fun! I haven't really been in touch with most of them and vaguely been updated on the others, but going back and listening to their stories first hand should be great as always.
4. Take notes in class in my new pretty notebook (yes, this is why #4 excites me).
5. Make Secret Thing with Fish happen! *evil grin*
6. Borrow that book from Pengy and get to hear her screech happily!
7. Look at (and analyse) people's new clothes and haircuts with Fish and pay compliments.
8. Get a haircut at Groovy or Mystique and a pedi at Fee Chu.
9. Watch Love Aaj Kal when it releases and Ice Age 3!!!!! (Which reminds me, I have a girl crush on Deepika Padukone and celeb crush on Imtiaz Ali)
10. Give Fish her Sambalpuri kurta and Secret Gift and watch her scream in joy (hopefully).

Wow, three posts in an hour is good.


Tejal said... this is the reason u're not meeting us anymore?? THREE posts in an hour?? ahem.
btw, wen r u goin back?
we HAV to meet once more before that? :(

Vatsala said...

I loved the gift! Thankoo!

Sneha said...

tejal is going to kill me.
TC is the new abhu. *gulp*

negi said...

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