'Back' is the word

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yoo hoo!

I am SO back. It pains me to see that I’ve been missing out on so much fun in Blogosphere.


It’s strange. I can’t find anything to write about! God. Is this the dreaded ‘writer’s block’? I hope not. May be it’s just the ‘writers’(who-haven’t-written-since-a-mighty-long-time) block ?

Well, there IS one thing that I do want to talk about- The Beatles. My current ultimate-favourite band *sigh* I simply cannot find a Beatles song that I don’t adore. It’s weird!


*keeps thinking*

Okay. Nothing more to say. Well, there are tons of Abhu, S and TC related stories, extremely entertaining ones, mind you. The problem is that I’m still thinking which one of those to recount in these holy pages. So until I figure that out, I’ll do the tag that Isha has sent my way!

The Three Things Tag (hee, I named it myself!)

3 things that scare me: Fear, fear and fear

3 people who make me laugh: S (max!), Abhu & TC (BIG time), Suk & Raghu (erm.. I’ve mentioned 5 people, but you see, they must be mentioned in groups)

3 things I love: travelling & shopping(THAT, is the motivation behind travelling, you see), Belgian chocolates (the ones that look like seashells), cool, breezy evenings

3 things I hate: bad table manners (I CANNOT eat with people who make funny food-noises. Yuck!), sugar boiled candies getting passed as ‘chocolate’, bad breath

3 things I don’t understand: there are a hell of a lot of things I don’t understand

3 things on my desk: random papers, ipods, watches, calci, books, pens and their holders.. my desk is in a perpetual mess!

3 things I’m doing right now: listening to The Doors, typing, breathing..?

3 things I want to do before I die: 3 is too less a number!!

3 things I can do: forgive (I am the shockingly non-grudge-holding type) and forget, crack pjs at any given time, give long lectures!! P (remember, soul sister Sag?) calls me Grandma!

3 things you should listen to:

Songs apart, you must listen to your Mom!

Okay. Now these are only THREE. There are tons of other songs that I think you should listen to :D

3 things you should never listen to: anything that makes you feel unhappy or morbid

3 things I’d like to learn: I did a whole post on this one! Well, for starters, I’m learning Mandarin this summer :D Don’t laugh!

3 favourite foods: Does chocolate qualify as ‘food’? Well, absolutely anything my Mom makes, mint chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins, Samosas from Vineeth, BJB Chaat :)

3 beverages I drink regularly: since water doesn’t qualify as a beverage, I’d say Bournvita and Tropicana Mango Nectar (do these qualify as beverages?)

3 TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid: Barbie Book, Newshouse, Famous Five and all those thick, hard cover Enid Blyton books

I tag…. Hmmm.. Raghu boy, Suk, TC and Abhu (4 people will do? Please?)

I also did this video DNA thing that I spotted at Isha’s. Here’s my VDNA!

P.S.: Any comments on the new template? Please say it’s nice! No pressure or anything though ;)


raghu said...

yes madam ill oblige soon.. but there are many questions i cant answer.. but then again.. the ans my friend is blown in the wind..the answer is blowin' in the wind.

but glad to see i do make you laugh..but you crossed 3 maaanny times :D

another brick in the wall said...

haila! ok.. first umm.. dunno what shud be first but well i think i'll divide it in two parts so:

1.1) its a nice template tho the prev one went perfectly wid the theme of ur blog

1.2) thank u so much for tagging us.. its good 2 kno that our humble humor brings a smile 2 ur face :P.. ok wat the hell! we rock! :P

2) it happns 2 everyne.. just dunno wat the hell 2 type whn u disappear for a while.. tho i'm never short of typing shit on comments page :P

3) floyd.. not beatles.. say P-I-N-K-F-L-O-Y-D.. yes pink floyd! :P ..yeh kya! not a single floyd song in the list! hmph! :X

4) y r u so scared of fear? ok tht dint make any sense :P

5) all chicks like 2 shop.. we all luv chocs.. and u r still 2 mail me the belgian chocolates! grrrrrrrrrrr

6) we certainly cant eat together.. i have pathetic table manners.. but we certainly can share food.. so yea.. we'll sit at diff tables while we eat.. wat say? :P

7) u r so hyperactive.. u can actually breathe while u listen 2 music n type! thts fuckin incredible! wats ur secret? :P

8) tu mandarin seekhegi? i alwyz knew u wud fall for a chinese guy.. dunno y! oh tht rhymed! :P

9) we will share beverages too at diff tables too.. cz i think u wont quite enjoy the slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrping sound i make :P

10) i intend 2 take up reading soon :S

phew! there.. a grand welcome 2 u! :D

Tejal said...

welcome backkkkkkkkkk!!!!
i kno..i kno.. i've been buggin u 2 update azureline..but u see... bloggin witout ur blog is lik sooooooo borin! so yay!
wich stories? wich ones? *gulps* er.. u wont mention da ones wich portray me n abhu as silly wil u? *bats eyelashes*
I make u laf? r u sure u mean in in a gud sense n not in a joker-type way? :P
well n kudos to u for da mandarin thing.. sheesh! u never cease to amaze me girl! keep rockin!
i've already said ur template luks nice but dun ya think it shud hav some blue also? (Abhu wil testify dat green is kinda my colour..heh..)
n da Tag thing.. Thy Wish Shal B Granted soon enof !

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

gud 2 see u back... mandarin... hm... but why? :)
and I too feel the earlier template went well with the name of ur blog... NEways, this one is good too.

PS: I too have a blog, u know ;)

raghu said...

did that visual dna show me what i saw?
my love was cuddling up in the grass? heehe

Michelle said...

i love those sea shell belgian chocs!!! i had some yesterday lol...and the mint flavour with chocolate chip wit exxxtraaa choc sauce is my fav flavour :D

Asha said...

Welcome back sweetie!:))

Hope you did well in the exams and time to have some fun in a way that is.Very cool 3 things.Hugs:))

Sneha said...

@raghu- i know! 3 is too little a number :D
erm.. well, the cuddling thing is really cute, okay?!

@suk- WELL, i DID say that there ARE tons of other songs that i think people should listen which very much includes floyd.. i just can't pick ONE song that people MUST hear.. you know.. :S
and they asked for 3 :(

i'll elaborate on being afraid of fear some other time.. it's a 'pechida maamla' :D

ahem, ALL chicks don't 'love' to shop. S hardly ever gets excited at the prospect of shopping!

oh god, then we BETTER not eat together. i HATE slurpers! ick yuck ick!

oh i just took a fancy for the language. it's pretty easy to learn you know.

Xiexie (=Thanks in mandarin) for the grand welcome back! lol

Zaijien (=Goodbye in mandarin) !

@tejal- awww so sweet of you to say that!

i mean it in a good way of course! it's always nice to have such people around you who make you laugh, rather than those who sulk 24*7 and bog you down. so way to go, all you jokers in my life! (kidding!)

i KNOW! i SOO want blue. blue is my colour. but i need someone to MAKE a blue template for me :( i've been trying to get my sister to learn this stuff and make a pretty one for me! she just needs to learn the coding bit.. she knows the designing bit :D

@SP- why mandarin? i donno! no reason!

WHY does everyone like the previous one more? this is so.. festive

@michelle- lucky you!

we totally have similar taste buds when it comes to sinful sweets :))

@asha- even i hope i did well in the exams!! hehe
it's SO nice to be back, and yes, to enjoy 'in a way' :D

Monika said...

nice tag... and ya i did the visual dna too its fun isnt it

Macabreday said...

nice to have you back in da blogworld...
seems like ur taste is music is going the right way...ha ha :-)
and the template...hhmm... not bad...ok.. but i prefered da older ones.

Sneha said...

@ monika- hello there! yep, the VDNA was a lot of fun. it's fun to watch it too!

@ mac- heya!Yes! it is , it SO is :))
why does everyone like the old one? change is good, people!

another brick in the wall said...

yes yes change is good woman.. but the earlier template just so went wid ur blog theme yaa

abhu said...

oh!! yes...yes... we have loads of things common out there:D
and well..thankz for tagging me.

ravindresh said...

'njoying the songs in ur blog!
looking fr sum more

ravindresh said...

even the visual DNA thing is fun!