Fraandshippers, Food and the Famous Five

Friday, April 06, 2007

You know, after a point, the whole deal about ‘vacations’ gets a tad boring. Heck. A lot boring if you don’t particularly engage yourself in worthy ‘activities’ (perhaps this would give me some ideas of what to include in the ‘activities’ section in my Orkut profile, which by the way, I must say is the stupidest question that one can ever be asked. Would breathing qualify as an ‘activity’? Say?) that keep you from wanting to sleep or only listen to your ipod or read endlessly or some such.

Talking about Orkut, there is new breed of fraandshippers that I have unfortunately come across. They try to ‘make fraandship’ with you by taunting you in some way, or asking you pathetically stupid questions on something that MAY interest you. For instance, this one particular fraandshipper (it should be in the dictionary by 2009, I say!) asks me:

“So, astro girl, what is it about astrology that interests you?” (in horrid grammar which I am incapable (thankfully) of reiterating over here)

I really felt like replying and going like ‘na na na na’ (you know, with the whole making of faces, pulling of tongue and wiggling about, like they do when a team is badly losing) ‘I didn’t fall for THAT haha’, but I resisted. Making their victim reply is the sole purpose of slothful frandshippers and EYE (to emphasise on I) am not going to let them have that pleasure. So, smart me did not reply. I couldn’t resist telling SOMEONE, so I blogged. Hee. *blush*

However, the most common breed of fraandshipper that I have come across is, quite obviously, the one who sends an ‘h’ followed by a string of ‘i’s whose purpose I still haven’t figured out. I mean, WHY would anyone scrap any random person ‘hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’ ? Why? Do you know? I don’t know!

Maximum pity is, neverthless, felt for those who send their whole bio-data in one scrap. God save them. Please. This particular breed of fraandshippers, somehow, reminds me of Dr.Batawekar and his beloved cow with white teeths who is so attractiu that grasses comes flying to her teeths. How louly. I don’t know! They simply remind me of Batawekar (for the uninitiated, Dr. Batawekar is a character, a rather hilarious one, who features in a string of ads for Happydent White chewing gum).

Among other things, Abhu and I, who SO love BJB Chaat (this is the chaat this is available outside our college. Since college is called BJB blah blah, the name of the chaat wala’s chaat is BJB chaat) did NOT get to eat some on our last day of college. Sad, righ? We were shocked that the chaat wala wasn’t there. Instead, we settled for some alu-dum-dahi-vada (which is served in a leafy bowl along with a single toothpick) which was heavenly. We had never tried that out! Well, the most interesting and challenging yet fun part was to eat all that with a toothpick. It IS an art. Really. But when it comes to eating, Abhu and I are unstoppable. We have such congruity in what we want to eat (absolutely anything that looks and tastes good), when we want to eat (absolutely any time of the day) and how much of it we want to eat (as much as our stomach can fit without tearing at the sides) is delightful. I would say, we are meant to eat together. On the other hand, TC is the one who looks disapprovingly at us (and with a certain amount of disbelief that we can manage to gormandize the manner in which we do) and eats like half of what we do. Heehee *sigh* We shall all miss these food trips. The joys of eating. *sigh*

I cannot write anymore! I must go and eat something delicious now. This reminds me of my Enid Blyton days, when I could read ONLY with a plate of yummy chocolates and sandwiches next to me, for all those scenes when the famous five would ‘lunch’ on ginger beer, marshmallow, sandwiches that Aunt so-and-so had made for them, bacon and eggs, milk etc. It is torture to read Blyton’s books without some food near you for immediate consumption!


another brick in the wall said...

i had said this before and am shouting the request again.. CAN i be fraandshipper with your sister? ur not acceptance of my freindshipping request! my heart is breaking into pieces.. for her information i am a commerce graduate from mumbai university of maharashtra in india! i shall forward u my cv.. u can then see if i'm compatible enuff 2 be her friend!

oh.. even sundar became a gourmand cz of enid blyton.. and me will kill for chaat.. no one touches my chaat plate! i seriously kill ppl who dare do tht :P

Tejal said...

OK. wen did i look disapprovingly at u both wen u'll eat? hmph :P
lol..yes da 'fraanshippers' do need to hav a look at this, bt i seriously doubt they'll even understand da text (its written in english mind u, not da FRAANDSHIP lingo)
Yea..those lovely 'eating' days!
hey but we r meeting on Wed na? then v shall do da needful ;)

raghu said...

idiot by activities they mean special pursuit or interest ya.. unless breathing is your "special" pursuit :S

also they could mean something you do for recreational purposes.

anyway welcome back..BIGTIME.
i read a lot of that seven things.. not five.. not famous five..ya that secret seven.. there were some 17 books.. me read all.. but then you know i can recall the names of 7 kids also now :S

another brick in the wall said...

how come no one reads the 3 investigators? it was brilliant i say! the best of all the hardy boys n the famous fives n the nancy drews (which i rate an insult 2 books really) and the rest of those teen books.. 3 investigators really ruled for me back then! :S

Sneha said...

@suk- no more fraandshippers please! where do i bash blog fraandshippers then? no fair!

you eat like joey? "no one touches my chaat plate (sandwich)"? lol

never read those! heh. i used to like Sweet Valley High books also. chick lit. and yes, mary kate and ashley lol. majorly stupid stuff.
HATED nancy drew. she was so bitchy.

@tejal- you do! remember, the other day at DM when Abhu and I wanted to eat another samosa and you were shooting this nasty how-much-will-you-eat-you-hogs look? lol it was very funny though!

@raghu- what if i say breathing IS my special pursuit? hmp.
nah, i didn't like the Secret Seven. I felt reading Secret Seven was like cheating on the Famous Five ;D

raghu said...

well many times while debating you forget to be honest to yourself.. I'm sure breathing is not your speacial pursuit.. I'm sure your sure too.

Sneha said...

@raghu- kidding!!! lol
but what is so wrong with someone saying that breathing is their special pursuit? after all, breathing is an art and there are several techniques to master it! :D

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

and wat is ur orkut profile-link please? ;) hehe

ah.. the good old Blyton days.. thick, sweet smelling books... I was more inclined towards books being nearby wen I ate, than food being nearby wen I read :) Maybe that explains my 7-power glasses!

Sneha said...

@SP- i added you, violin-playing-lad :)

I still smile at the thought of those Blyton books :)

abhu said...

yeah!!! those were good old days. c...i told u naa..we should not plan so much in advance. now what's happening? we r going on such wonderful DM and forum and vineeth trips naa... hmph!!!
and BJB chhat!!! ooohh!!! i miss it sooo much. theta toh must be having it almost daily nah!! *reproachful looks* huh!!! koi bbat nahin. humara bhi number aayega:D
yes..yes.. famous fives, secret sevens...those were soooo good. i sometimes feel i can read them even now. even malory towers. i remember making it a point to go round my school on the last day, just like it was given in da book:P but it obviously did'nt materialize thankz to that curfew they had put!!

Shadowed Meanings said...


Anonymous said...

I rather think this works on the principle of spam. Intelligent girls with a life won't bother responding but I am willing to bet 1% of girls or more will actually respond to stuff like this. So the approach being a stupid one d oesn't actually make the activity of 'frandshipping' an irrational one.

Anonymous said...

If you want to try an interesting experiment (assuming you are sufficiently bored) why dont you composing a sufficiently inane frandship request copy it and scrap it to 100 reasonably attractive looking(as per display pic) girls. You will get more responses than you expect.