Maternity Home for Pigeons

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Are you a smart pigeon looking for a safe place to build your nest, lay eggs and perch on your nest till those sweetums hatch? If yes, then listen up! Your search has come to an end. You are cordially invited to lay your eggs (and also to do the necessary before that event takes place *ahem* so call all those who might be involved in the process) in a first-class environment such as this :

The topmost rack on the wall,

Blogowner’s house (hall, to be precise),

Top floor,

Building next to the tall Ashoka trees.

In case you’re wondering about the safety of this Maternity Home, rest assured as we have 90% success rate. Last December (a hard time, indeed, for most pigeons) Momma Pigy and Papa Pigy had wooed each other outside our Home (window sill of BO’s hall), must have mated successfully, had found long periods of much needed rest in one of the guest rooms in our Home (a different area of the topmost rack), had found all the necessary nest-building items from the trees nearby, built the nest over a period of 7 days and successfully laid 2 eggs. You see, Momma Pigy and Papa Pigy might’ve changed their mind after a while since neither the eggs nor the parents were to be found after a week (the week when the human inhabitants of the area around our Home were out). Hence, we say 90% success rate. How honest are we!

The Home provides excellent entertainment facilities in the form of a certain human who is said to be ‘S’. Said S finds our kind rather enchanting and we, of course, love such humans. There is, however another human who goes by ‘BO’- that creature, we do not much appreciate since she keeps the curtains closed most of the time. Only we know the extremely painful periods of longing that one parent spends one side of the curtain, and the other on the other side. It is much like the India-Pakistan saga that we have come to learn about from the 7 or 8 newspapers that these humans read (get, rather). So, be warned of BO. Rest of the humans can be safely ignored.

No human, however, has ever tried to break our Home. This is a huge plus for our kind since we always target peace-loving family-type human territories to set up our special Maternity Home facilities.

Do not worry about food. There is enough around. At times, the human inhabitants offer some to our kind. So be not worried.

From the above information, I’m sure you realise what a safe and comfortable location the abovementioned is.

We invite booking-applications from expecting parent pigeons after 20th April since we are currently tending to a couple- a beautiful white (with grey specks) pigy and his/her usual grey type counterpart. Remember, the early bird catches a room in our Home!

Happy spring-time mating!


Tejal said...

congrats for da guests at ur place!
n y in da world do u act as da curtain-closer! :P
hehehhe...ok..wil tel as many pigys as poss! u wanna invite other species too? crows etc? *rofl*

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

hehe.. good one...:)

btw, the building next to my house also houses many of these grey pidgies and they beat teh crows here in number now!

raghu said...

hahah..i just LOVE kaboos!

i dunno why they mate in summers u noe.. i mean im not sure they sweat or anything :S

i keep wading of crows that come to hunt for kaboo eggs n chicks.. do u protect ur kaboos aswell?

raghu said...

Asha said...

HAHAHA!! Brings back memories!

Sneha, my grandfathers had built a huge wooden structure with little boxes and those pigeons took over not only that but attic of the house itself!Started to multiply and became a huge problem!I don't know what they did but next summer I went there,all of them were gone.

Anonymous said...


kabootar ja ja ja... kabootar ja..

Sneha said...

@tejal- Hee. No crows please! They are pretty sinister. I even had a parrot who lived by my window sill for like 3 days. we were sure it was a pet parrot who had flown away somehow. Mom had given it roti etc. to eat! It was really adorable :)

@SP- oh pigies are a lot sweeter than 'em crows!

@raghu- yeaaa i saw that pic. SHOOO adorable! S loved it too :) brave pigy- to actually sit still at the face of a human-bearing-camera! haha

@Asha- Woah! There must've been major flutterring about! hehe
I've always had pigeon guests in all my houses! Well, none of them really took over any part of the house, but there was peaceful coexistence (without any mess-- that's why it was and is peaceful!)

@virus- Hey! haha I'll try that song next time. I think they'll fly away before i finish 'kaboo' though lol

abhu said...

heehee!!! rofl!! i was suddenly reminded of BKB and "the stockdoves":P and u know wat?? some months back, a cat had also laid her kittens in one of our ctore rooms. they were soooo cute:D
show them to me naa...wen we in to ur place on mon:D

abhu said...

and.... i must tell u (since i doubt u PTPL-phobic pple will ever go there), lucy has found herself a new pet - a mouse. and they have put it in a cage and displayed it rite in front of the staircase landing, near that Ganesh statue:P

another brick in the wall said...

oh god.. another anti-pigeon post.. wow! pigeons do form an inevitable part of every indian's life! :P

god i hate them too.. the dull moaning sound they make n they invade our home like we need 2 get the fuck outta there! hate em hate em hate em!

Sneha said...

@Abhu- Cats give birth to kittens! They don't LAY kittens!! ROFL

Sheesh. Lucy can be expected to do such sadistic things!

@suk- WHAT gives you the idea that I'm against pigeons??? I'm just neutral :S I kind of like them too! I just don't want a whole pigy household to thrive in my hall! n yes, they do form a rather integral part of every Indian's life! hee

Macabreday said...

lol...reminded me of the pigeons that took refuge in our class room back in school......we students used to make noises like the pigeons and blame it on them...haa.. it drove the teacher nuts...what fun..!!

Reeta Skeeter said...

heeeeeee how cute n kind!

as i am , as i will b, me! said...

you noe once our school gave refuge to an owl :P

it looked freaky n scary but i gues we scared her too.

Sneha said...

@mac- we all have sweet memories of the birds in our life! lol

@reeta skeeter (cool alias ;))- Hullo there! Thanks!

@as i am...- Owls. Woah! Never had those at my place. We once had sparrows though :) They're ultra-cute!