Watch Out! Food Ahead!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

This is my off-to-college year which is one of the reasons why my mom has been very co-operative in giving me pointers on everyday cooking. Even though I won’t be cooking in hostel, I feel I should make good use of this summer to learn some basic dishes as I really want to be able to cook for myself after I graduate (etc etc). I don’t really like the idea of someone else (read: cook) cooking for me and me having to complain about the salt, the mirchi, the masala and what not. Better to just be independent, right? PLUS, it’s a helluva lot of fun :)

Okay. So I haven’t really learnt any everyday-dishes so far because I always get tempted to make yummy snacks and that’s exactly what I did!

Yesterday, I made dosa for breakfast. Onion dosa, my personal favourite. It was the first time I was making the actual, thin and crisp dosa. I have made the normal thickness ones umpteen times before, but would think twice before making these. To my amazement, they came out to be perfectly golden and absolutely delectable! Thanks to the new non-stick pan, of course! Here’s a picture!

Last Sunday, I’d made onion pakodas (which are called ‘piyaji’ in Oriya. Onions are called ‘piyaja’(pronounced as piya-jaw)). They are my mom’s ALL TIME favourite snack. She totally loved them and also shot a few my-little-girl-is-growing-up-so-fast type dialogues which I’m not repeating over here! ;)

Here, take a look!

And another :) I can’t get enough of these!

I had also tried out Asha’s Kodubale but had substituted maida with atta. They tasted real good and everyone liked them but their shapes were all messed up! They looked like famished bangles *sheepish grin* So I’m not putting up a pic! Heehee. I hope next time I try them, I get the shapes right!


Tejal said...

Yum! food looks deliciousss!! so wen r u invitin us for lunch?? *knife n fork all ready*
lol..n Piya-Jaw?? hhahah..da non-oriyas here r gonna hav a hearty laf mann!!
P.S- sheesh! dun talk to my mom for sum tym wil ya? u mite giv her da Wrong ideas!! hehehehe..
[shud i include dat this is da 2nd tym i'm da first one to comment! yay! i deserve a trophy ok? considerin my past records :) :) :)]

Asha said...

WOW!!! You are getting better and better girl! Good for you.Dosa looks perfect and I love the Pakodas too.

Make Kodubale dough little thicker next time like Poori atta not soft like chapati dough,you will be fine:)

In fact,I made Kodubales with atta after you told me you did,they really tasted good.I will post the picture next week:)

Macabreday said...

yaayy...lovely.. got to love food :) and hey..sometimes, the shapes dont matter..its the taste that counts.

another brick in the wall said...

dosaaaaaa dosaaaaaaaaa.. i love dosaaaaaaas.. and omg! bhajiyas! sheeena.. the new kitchen princess :P

how the l'il one is all grown up *tears tears.. happy tears* :P

we need a bawarchi.. my mom hates 2 cook.. i love 2 cook but hav no time.. u r employed.. let us know ur charges.. mom ready to pay any amt in return for a good cook :)

raghu said...

pogol i HATE dosas with out sambar or jam.. hehehe
and yes the shapes do matter.. it makes ur imagination go wild!

Sneha said...

@ tejal- what's wrong with piya-jaw? it really IS pronounced that way, and not as piya-ja or piyaj. so why pretend that it cannot be uttered by non-oriyas when it very much can? i'm just making it simpler :) :) Yes yes, i'll soon make a badge for you- 1st Commenter on The Pot!

@ asha- Thanks :))
Oh yes, the fault must have been with the dough! aha. next time i'll keep that in mind!

@ mac- true true. for eg chocolate- you shape a cockroach out of it, still i'll eat it!

@ suk- Hmm.. say, about 75000 per week plus other benefits. what say? i'd gain valuable workex too :P:P

@ raghu- pogol? what's pogol?

WHAT??? Sheesh. i can definitely do without sambar, in fact i prefer sambar-less dosa :D i loveee the coconut chutney that they serve alongwith dosa though..

abhu said...

hey!! so now we dont haveta worry wen we come to ur place:D no more pizzas!!! sneha's gonna cook
btw..even i had made a small resolve to learn to cook this summers:P but i got stuck at that cake:P

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

the dosa is the perfect colour i like!

and ew... the onion-pakoda reminds me of mice (no insult here, but:)

lemme go raid the kitchen now.. u made me all hungry...though I'm not at all a foodie(my shape could prove that), its fun eating once in a while!

Anonymous said...

Dosa... you ignited my appetite... I'm loggin' off goin' to the nearest canteen and having one this very moment...

StandbyMind said...

God..its almost 2 am..and ur post makes me see these.....
hell I am hungry...:O
to hell with the shapes they look so damn tasty man

Sneha said...

@ abhu- yes yes. i'd love to cook for y'all!! muahahahahha

@SP- MICE??!?! hmm. okay. yea, seeing food pics makes everyone hungry!

@virus- hope you enjoyed your dosa!

@standbymind- hullo! 2 AM?! woah. night eater, you are! hehe. thanks for dropping by!

raghu said...

i hate that coconut chutney.. eww.. jam's the best though.. makes anything eatable :D

Anonymous said...

hey not bad! (ok, very good)

Monika said...

good luck with the cooking its fun and also therapeutic :)

the dishes look cool.....