Shiny New Life and Pigeon Magnetism

Saturday, July 21, 2007

BlogOwner(BO) is not exaggerating when she says she’s been having the time of her life *ahem* since the past three weeks. No, seriously. Okay so she’s been working like she’s never worked before but she’s also enjoying it all.

She’s also bringing you some pictures of her shiny, new life. Of course, she misses Abhu’s, TC’s and the gang’s antics. Those were the good old days when she’d bring you funny tales about these characters, innit? Aww, she misses them too! And she loves this blog more than ever NOW that she can go back to all those delightful light blue links and relive the hilarious moments one again. This is much needed at times, especially when she’s in the library (lib, henceforth) at 11.45 pm, struggling to find SOME relevant info for her term paper. Talking about the lib, she must let you most intelligent people (like, of course! You’re reading this scholarly blog. BO loves you. Honestly.) know that it happens to be her favourite place on campus. No, really. It’s not that she’s nerdy- which, by the way, she most certainly isn’t- it’s just that the lib is nice and crowded most of the time and BO loves it.

Now, now, there’s a lot to be told. Three weeks seem like forever, in a good way. Oh, it has been ascertained that BO is a pigeon magnet. Window Sill, Bathroom, BO’s room is where another branch of that good old Maternity Home has been set up. It’s doing really well. A couple has already built a nest and the eggs are on the way! BO can’t wait. No really.

Okay, take a look at some pictures.

The upper berth is BO's resting place.

Football match in action. The clouds were more interesting, though.

Most of the batch.

New pigeon! Woo Hoo! His/her mate was around but BO couldn't get both of them AND the nest in the frame.

I know I know, this post isn’t as exciting, fun-filled and oh-I’m-so-happy-I-could-just-fly as BO's usual posts (What did you say? No, come again..?), but please bear with her. Thank you very much.

BO is a huge fan of these. All of them make sense to her but this one makes a LOT of sense. Change the ‘lab’ to ‘lib’.

Oh, by the way, BO’s shiny new friends (the kinds that come in dazzling pink and blue wrappers) (with a red ribbon) include a fish (Piscean for the uninitiated)(Crack, henceforth), a ram (Aries, who, by the way, happens to be fish’s roomie and calls fish ‘her crack’(Ram, henceforth). BO loves Ram. And her crack. Heh.) her own roomies both of whom happen to be librans (imagine a room filled with 3 librans!) and many many others. Okay this paragraph was inserted to somehow mention the ‘crack’ bit.

This has been BO's super favourite song since quite some time. *sigh*. If someone would play and/or sing THAT for her, she'd like, fly or something. Or drift away. Or something in that line. You get the picture, dont' you?


raghu said...

mast mast re.. sheesh loving to work..sounds like paradise :D:D

another brick in the wall said...

raghu practice karna shuru karde warna yeh nearby bong toh tere haath se gayi :P

yaar tu langotiyaa yaaron mein daraar mat daaliyo :P

abey.. post likhaa aur bola bhi nahin.. had i not read raghu's scraps :P

Asha said...

OH WOW!! Looks like US college dorm there Sneha.Looks like you are having so much fun.Good for you.
What's with you and pigeons?! Are they your spirits or something?;D

Tejal said...

OHh newww post n no Notice eh?? wat happened to i'll-msg-u-bout-every-new-post n stuff? *sniff*
heheh.. Great yaa.. so u r totally rockin ze La Caleze eh? (forgive me, i'm into this Fluer-lingo thes days)
i lik your bunk bed SO much. n i must say, Pic 2(most of the batch) is a masterpiece sweetie. clever photography i say!
hmm.. are u sure its only the pigeons that u're attractin ther?? *suspicious looks*
Missin u immensely too! :D
btw, new post on me blog too! :P

abhu said...

hey!! great to hear that u r having so much fun:D and yes babes..i miss u a lot too....(dats an under statement).
ur bunk bed luks cool!!
and well..pigeon long as u remain a pigeon magnet and not any other type magnet *knowing look*, its fine;)

Sneha said...

@ raghu- *rolls eyes*

@ suk- heh, arre.. don't you use a feed reader or something?! must, must.

@ asha- yea seriously.. i should write a paper on my connection with pigeons!

@ tejal- thank you, thank you :D arre, ufortunately, it's only these pigeons whom i'm attracting. sigh.

@ abhu- the bunk bed isn't a lot of fun, i assure you. every time i or my fellow bunker turns or rolls around the whole thing creaks like crazy :|

indiegurl said...

hey, cooooool cloud pic!! Also, don't I get credit for intro-ing you to the big, beeyootiful world of phdcomics, eh? EH?

The bunk bed looks pretty, but having spent three years in one, I somehow dont think it'd be terribly comfy :D Is it?

Oh and NLU is FULL of pigeons. I hate the damn birds.

Sneha said...

@ indiegirl- thankya! of course, of course.. had it not been for you and phdcomics, then i'd have perished by nw :D oh jeez, the bunk bed. everytime i turn, it creaks like crazy. it feels like a damn train.

Michelle said...

cute room ;)

Sudeep said...

second pic is nice :)

n definitely something with u n the pigeons.. i stood for almost 30 mins with my cell in hand to capture lie hatching of the pigeon egg near my window but damn it didnt even crack.. i gave up n next when i checked there it was open :|
khair .. hope u manage to capture it

m coming here after a long time so dont really know if u shifted in a new place.. sounds like tht.. so have fun :)

Sneha said...

@michelle- thanks :)

@ sudeep- thanks.. yea, i've moved to bangalore.. i have videos of my previous baby pigeon's first flight :D they're damn adorabe..

Aks said...

Like the way you write! You got a lovely blog here! :)

Anonymous said...

Just be a little careful of the pigeons though. They're slightly dangerous. Pigeon ticks all over the place in Annapurna giving skin eruptions to everyone

Sneha said...

@ aks- thanks a lot :)

@ anon- oh okay. we'll watch out.. didn't know they were such a menace in mess block.

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

nice blog... sneha...

Da Rodent said...

:D led zep does rock.. :D

another brick in the wall said...

soon i'm reaching mohanty villa and kicking ur ass.. do u even remember u have a blog? and do u even remember there are ppl here who are interested in reading the same? god! update it! :P

Arawn said...

Hm. You freshers are blogging so prolifically, all this trash about working all the time sounds specious, at best. :-)

Anonymous said...

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