Friday, September 29, 2006

Joblessness. Boredom. Hunger. Lack of creative ideas. Lack of events. The absolute non-happening-ness of my life. Some more boredom. All this has led me to think hard about a certain something that has saved S and me (especially S, the one with the limited culinary skills) from starving. Maggi. Yes folks, it’s the good ole maggi.

Maggi has come to our rescue on numerous (say, tens of thousands) occasions. Since time immemorial, S and I have been hogging maggi down whenever one or more of the following conditions were satisfied:

>>Hungry (which is like all the time)

>>Maid not around (or even if she is there, she is in an ugly mood- so ugly that there could be a possibility of non-veg items in otherwise veg food. Get the picture, right? )

>>Classes or college in 20 minutes and there is nothing else to eat (which happens very often) (Well, I don’t eat bread, so there. Another option gone.)

>>Utterly lazy to make anything else.

Maggi- the perfect solution. Every normal person remembers occassions when they were dying of hunger and miraculously, they discovered a pack of maggi in some obscure corner of the kitchen-shelf. That joy! Incomparable! God-sent manufacturers of this miracle item, may you never go out of business.

Of course, the classic masala flavour is S’s and my favorite. The other strange dal-atta-what-not flavours are like multiple-slap-type insults to our beloved maggi. Why on earth do they come up with such ludicrous flavours? I had once tried out maggi-atta noodles. It tasted like cow-fodder with taste-maker. Seriously. I thought, probably they have cut down on the calories in their quest of making ‘healthy’ noodles. I was disappointed. Same 400-odd calories. What’s the point? Are you listening, maggi people? We do NOT want atta noodles! We want good ole maggi. Or even if you do come up with such er, innovative ideas, try cutting down the calories atleast! *rolling eyes*

Maggi is the first thing that I ever cooked (well, even boiling water and putting a mass of maida noodles into it can be classified as cooking!). Maggi is the only thing that S ever cooked (okay, kidding. She knows how to make sandwiches, omlette and tea. *wide grin*). I even remember eating kachcha maggi out of sheer frustration. It didn’t taste too bad though. You may try it, in case you haven’t done that so far (but don’t blame me for the *ahem* consequences that may follow).

So that was the saga of maggi, the saviour. I am going and making myself some of it.

Postscript: Pardon the contentlessness (I hope that's a word. If it was not till now, then now it is!) of the post. The author was frustrated, dreary-eyed and bugged when she typed it out.

Update (typed under duress): S knows how to make many other delectable dishes. She says she knows more than I can ever know in this lifetime!


sun4none said...

eggs : me :: maggi : you

eggs, eggs n more eggs.. oh God bless chicken for their eggs! trust me.. eggs are divine gift 2 mankind.. they are like God's "prashad"... if i become a God one day n ppl start worshipping me.. thn plz place the good ol' white egg in my right hand jst like the modak on ganpati's! so eggs are my saviour.. god bless chicken!

raghu said...

god dis is the ultimate post n ultimate commnt!

Macabreday said...

When i first came over to college, there were no means of cooking. So i stocked myself with a huge box, full of Ramen cup noodles. survived on that for one whole semester, Now i cant stand instant noodles anymore..... not even maggi.

bhargav said...

amen------- to the glory of maggi

sneha said...

@sun- S and I have had our only-bread-n-eggs phase. but, we kind of gave up on that because it took too much work. lol.

@raghu- ultimate indeed! :D

@mac- aaaa!! one WHOLE semester?? *stares* well, even i get utterly bugged with maggi at times and quit having it for like 2-3 weeks or so. then its back to square one. :)

@bhargav- amen.

sun4none said...

ohh.. i luv makin omlettes n half fries and every freakin egg dish as much as i enjoy eating it.. so the day u need 2 want an "eggy" breakfast.. u kno whom to dial now! in fact now am thinking of changing my career.. guess i'll start an "egg van".. wow! sounds so yum.. i'll be lost in eggs all day.. i'll enjoy thm n also be happy 2 watch ppl eat thm away... oh! such a blessed sight tht wud be! u wanna start a maggi van besides mine? or we can even collaborate n start mixing maggi with eggs.. yuummmm.. maggi.. the chicken flavour and eggs.. oh mamma! am so freakin hungry now! c'mon sneha.. i'll quit everythng.. u do the same.. LOI may enjoy free egg dishes.. so incentive for her too :P.. this biz seems profitable already.. wat say?? :P

sneha said...

@sun- maggi with eggs??!?! ewwww nooo! *shudder* yea, probably if we're still as jobless as we are now after like 10 years then we can start a restaurant on wheels! :D

raghu said...

i dnt like maggi or eggs.. i pref bannanas.... no cookin .. n instant energy man.. 3 bannanas... 2 mins... n no more foood 4 3-4 hrs ya.. bannana rox!

sun4none said...

arey cmon man.. eggs with maggi sounds yumm.. kya yaar.. damn.. u dint like the idea..thike.. we wont collaborate.. but we certainly can start the "anda-gaddi" and "maggi-gaddi" side by side (with better names of cors).. and c'mon man.. we both know we are not jobless.. hehhe.. we are jst being ultra-lazy n not doing wat we are supposed 2 do.. so basically change the term "jobless" to "hopeless" :P

sun4none said...

raghu... try this diet.. 2 bolied eggs, 2 bananas and some 350 ml milk... raghu will be a strong boy then :D

bhargav said...

i love bananas as well problemo food,good food,healthy food ------- ideal stuff

hey maybe raghu and i can start a fruit salad van(gaddi watever) along wid u ppl...whatsay?

sun4none said...

arey cool.. even bhargav wanna join.. this is amazing.. i can see us become billionaires in no time now! ok mohanty.. u comin to mumbai or shall we cme to orissa so we start our business now? shudnt waste time.. jst 4get law, 12th, engg etc.. lets start cooking :P

oh yeah.. since LOI does know 2 cook more stuff.. we can appoint her our head chef :P.. eh sneha??

sun4none said...

holy shit.. u took off the blog-scroll thingey? now i'll again havta self promote.. damn! ok.. cheap imitations updated :P

sneha said...

@sun- lol! raghu needs those eggs, bananas and milk!
arre, u know i'd even considered hotel management as a career.
i didn't remove my blogroll on my own free will!!! i was forced to do that since blogrolling ka site wasn't opening on my pc neither were any of the blogrolls (which used blogrolling) were being displayed. i wanted my links back so i had to make another list- manually!! now i sooo miss the *new* :( :( :( yea, the self-promotion thing is much needed now.

@bhargav- well, call in ash too! fruit salad!! lol! that WAS a blend of sorts!! it really was. doesn't really qualify as a fruit salad or even a milkmake. YEAA it was a smoothie! yes. there. so a smoothie section in the menu is most welcome. :D

raghu said...

lolz.. raghu is a thin tall boy..wid very thin legs.. makin futball diff 2 play.. raghu needs food.. n free food.. yesterday i was comin back frm tuts in dadar.. n i tried out sunfeasts dark fantasy biscuits... dey rocked!
i mean its made by itc hotels ya.. so mabbe v cud use em also !
bannana..eggs n maggi... wow.. kya taste karega!
mix bolied eggs with maggi.. n top em with grated bannanas!!!!!

sun4none said...

1) sunfeast dark fantasy are OMG amazing!

2) dont gross it man.. banana.. eggs n maggi.. wat u talkin.. urghhhh :S.. boiled eggs with maggi is tasty man.. TRY N THN u guys whine :P

Anonymous said...

hey, i love atta noodles, so dont get them off the market just yet. the dal-atta version is another matter though.

sneha said...

@raghu, sun- ive not tried this sunfeast dark fantasy ur talking about! but i sure am drooling becuase 'dark' indicates a probable presence of chocolate which iam oh-so-fond of.

@anonymous- the dal-atta version was yuck yuck yuck!

sun4none said...

yeah.. its gt the taste of dark chocolate re.. sexy taste.. vanilla cream in the middle.. 2 amazing

bhargav said...


Smoothie indeed-------finally found out what i conjured up the other day.Aye we will rope in ash as well.she will make the milkshakes and ill make the smoothies .....WE ARE GONNA MAKE BILLIONS INDEED......maybe we will rent out the versailles palace after all .(longstanding wish)......even if its only for parking our gaddis .

ye know maybe you could sing ,sun4none would strum and wallah we have our very own entertainment system..

sun4none said...

bhargav's got some plan dude! haha

raghu said... do sum more dark fanasty rox.. its made by the cheif chef of itc hotels.. n has unbeliveable aroma..its smell is as gud as its taste..
dark choco biscuts wid vanilla in da middle.. the cream layer is very thick n melts n the mouth.. its truly amzin.. all dat 4 rs 2 per bisciut 25 4 rs 30 in a royale pakacge 2!